Frequently Asked Questions

The Diners Club® Offers Platform is a bespoke digital platform for access by HDFC consumer and commercial Cardholders based in India providing exclusive offers.

You do not have to register yourself, just go to On the landing page, validate your Diners Club® Card and you’ll be able to see all of the eligible benefits.

To validate your access to the platform, on the right-hand side of the home page will be an option to “Click Here to View your Eligible Offers”, which you will click to enter the first 8 digits of your payment card.

Please make sure you are entering the correct 8 digit bank identification number (BIN) of your Diners Club® Card. The BIN is the first 8 digits on your Diners Club® Card

Validation methods include:

A) BIN validation. (First 8 digits of your card account number)

b) One time pass code (OTP) requiring your personal details needed for redemption (name, email, phone number).

If you are still unable to access the platform, please contact Cardholder Support Team via email or phone number as mentioned at bottom of the home page.

Benefits available to you are based on your specific Diners Club® Card program. There are consumer travel benefits, like Travel, Domestic Dining, Domestic Hotel Discounts and Domestic Spa offers; and there are exclusive offers for qualifying Commercial cardholders.

Merchant benefits are updated from time to time, so please check the platform regularly.

Benefits shown on the home page are indicative and do not represent the actual benefits a Cardholder is able to redeem. The benefits being provided to you are on the basis of your eligibility and only these can be availed by you.

Once you’ve validated your card, you will see your available benefits. Just click on any of the benefits, provide the required details, complete OTP (One Time Password) verification and pre-authorization of your card, then you will be able to avail the benefits.

Once you’ve claimed offer, you will receive notification via email and/or phone (SMS) once bookings are placed and processed.

Once you have landed on the home page after validating your card, click on Booking Status.

All the benefits mentioned on the online platform come with an expiry date mentioned along with the benefits.

Select benefits, for example Domestic Spas offers, do require pre-payment. If required, you will be asked to make a payment for the offer during the redemption process by entering your payment card number, card expiry date and CVV. Please note only your Diners Club® Card can be used for payment.

Once the booking is confirmed, no cancellations or refunds can be done. In case of nonavailability of service/cancellation by Thriwe, the refund will be reflected in the customer’s account within 3-5 working days.

Customer can call Thriwe contact centre via call or email and raise request to cancel the booking. Cancellation can only be done before confirmation with the merchant.

Customer Care : 1800 208 7899 (Mon to Fri - 9 AM to 7 PM)

Email ID :

Yes, the Diners Club® Offers Platform follows the Reserve bank directive for payments acceptance, compliance, and data privacy, inclusive of transactions made on this platform.